What are operations on DHCP ?

What are operations on DHCP ?

Good! Let's first see what DHCP is.

The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) works in customer mode / server. DHCP Enable customers to access the IP network or rent an IP address or configure it from the DHCP server. This reduces the burden of operating when managing larger networks. DHCP is defined at RFC 2131.

How DHCP works:
The primary function is the DHCP server to provide an IP address to the client. DHCP uses three different ways of addressing IP addresses.

Manual assignment: the handwriter responds to the domain address previously assigned to a DHCP client and only contacts the IP address of the device.

Auto-generated: DHCP, select the IP static address for all the available addresses that are regularly used to automatically provide the IP static address on the device. No rental and the address is permanently donated to the device.

Dynamic Dynamic: DHCP automatically responds to a dynamic IP address that collects addresses for a limited time selected by server. If not, the address will be deleted if the client does not respond to the need to notify the DHCP server.

** The DHCP server uses UTP protocol (User Datagram Protocol) as this transit transit agreement from port 68 to client, client sends message to port server 67.

The DHCP server can provide additional information, such as the server's DNS address, the server's WINS address, and the domain name. For most DHCP servers, the administrator describes the customer MAC address that automatically responds to the same IP address regularly. **

Strong allocation of IP addresses

DHCP works in customer mode / server and works as any other customer / server relationships. If the PC connects to the DHCP server, the server places or pays an IP address on the PC. PC connects to the network with an IP address hired until the termination of the rental. A friend should comply with the DHCP server with the aim of maximizing the discount. This hiring method ensures that cellular / mobile / customer does not have addresses need. These addresses are returned to the group so that they can redirect to other clients as required.
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