VLAN Troubleshooting Sim Packet Tracer

Your colleague has set up a Layer 2 network with your customers. You must review the configuration and resolve any detected issues as per the customer's requirements.

Customer requirements:

+ Check that the switch ports have the correct VLANs assigned, as shown in the topology. Identify and resolve misconfigurations in three switches.

+ Make sure the trunk connections between the switches are functional and that the IEEE 802.1Q trunk encapsulation method is used. Identify and correct any configuration errors found in the trunk configuration.

+ Ensure that the ports connected between the switches are configured as trunk ports

We're not sure of the details, but here are the bugs in this sim:

- Mismatch of native VLAN between SW1 and SW3

- Switching port mode mismatch: one in access mode while the other ends in trunk mode -> must change access to trunk mode

- One port in VLAN 500 and another port in VLAN 600

Commands to solve this: show int trunk, show vlan, show run.

Commands to solve the problems:

Configuration SW1:

Sw1> activate
Configure Sw1 # terminal
Sw1 (config) #Interface e0 / 1
Sw1 (config-if) #switchport hull encapsulation dot1q
Sw1 (config-if) # switch port trunk mode
Sw1 (config-if) # switchport trunk native vlan 1
Sw1 (config-if) #interface e0 / 2
Sw1 (config-if) # switchport access mode
Sw1 (config-if) #switchport access to vlan 500
Sw1 (config-if) #interface e0 / 3
Sw1 (config-if) # switchport access mode
Sw1 (config-if) # switchport access to vlan 600
Sw1 (config-if) #end
Copy of sw1 # start execution

SW2 configuration:

Sw2> activate
Configure Sw2 # Terminal
Sw2 (config) #Interface e0 / 2
Sw2 (config-if) # switchport access mode
Sw2 (config-if) #switchport access to vlan 500
Sw2 (config-if) #interface e0 / 3
Sw2 (config-if) # switchport access mode
Sw2 (config-if) #switchport access to vlan 600
Sw2 (config-if) #end
Copy of Sw2 # Start execution

SW3 configuration:

Activate Sw3>
Configure Sw3 # terminal
Sw3 (config) #Interface e0 / 0
Sw3 (config-if) #switchport hull encapsulation dot1q
Sw3 (config-if) # line switching mode
Sw3 (config-if) # switchport trunk native vlan 1
Sw3 (config-if) #end
Copy of sw3 # start execution
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