Biggest Cisco Certification Update: New CCIE coming in 2020 !!!

Cisco developed the Cisco Certification Program, which brings together network professionals and software developers in a single community, leading to the creation of an IT team in the future. The next level CCIE CCIE certification will help accelerate business and drive technological innovation. Network automation is one of the biggest challenges for the IT industry. Community professionals have developed changes and Cisco network experts have sponsored the best automation practices to implement these changes in Cisco certifications.

Cisco's intent-based networks have created a huge shift in the role of network professionals and the way they run networks. This change is a manual and time-consuming task for the world where IT developers, applications, DevOps and cloud developers work together to take full advantage of the new network features. The Cisco certification and training program includes DevNet certificates to improve applications and write the new network and select the skills to develop. The DevNet program can use best practices and collaboration for the main automation functions.

Technicians and industry experts claim that IT is one of the fastest growing sectors, and we can experience this rapid growth around us. This has led to expectations about work roles and requests for new skills. This certification program is based on integrity and integrity: integrity protects the organization from vulnerabilities and threats and ensures that the product meets the customer's requirements.

A complete set of CCNA, CCNP and CCIE has been modified. The first level certificate, the associated level certificate, the professional level certificate and the expert level certificate remain the same, but the delivery method has changed along with the rules and criteria for obtaining this certificate.

Domains                                                    Old Version                                         New Version
CCIE Enterprise Infrastructur  CCIE Routing and Switching v5.0 CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure v1.0
CCIE Enterprise Wireless   CCIE Wireless v3.1                   CCIE Enterprise Wireless v1.0
CCIE Data Center                   CCIE Data Center v2.1                   CCIE Data Center v3.0
CCIE Security                           CCIE Security v5.0                   CCIE Security v6.0
CCIE Service Provider           CCIE Service Provider v5.0           CCIE Service Provider v5.0
CCIE Collaboration           CCIE Collaboration v2.0           CCIE Collaboration v3.0

Why does the CCIE change?

Technology is changing rapidly, skills needs and business roles are increasing day by day. The level of experts is essential as the professionals must know everything under the roof. For Cisco it was difficult to create a program as requested, so now they have created a certification program, a combination of knowledge and technology.

Where does CCIE differ?

People think that CCNP and CCIE are similar, but the difference here. CCNP is a Cisco certified network expert and Cisco international network expert. CCNP Professional focuses on a vertical approach and focuses on a technique. In addition, the Professional course focuses on being a master only in a particular location, along with the Common Technology Core exam. On the other hand, at the CCIE level, the professional must know the different areas and all the components of the technology and how they relate.

For example, in the security domain, there is network access, encryption, firewall authentication, web security, email security, etc. To discover all the areas listed above.

All the above changes are effective from February 24th 2020 onwards.

Here's how the new Cisco certification path looks:

New Cisco certification changes

Big changes in CCIE certification
Full life cycle certification
There are different phases in the network life cycle. The first phase is the planning and design of the network and therefore the implementation of the solutions developed in the network. After execution, there is optimization and troubleshooting, if appropriate. The new certification certificate will focus on the same path: design, implementation, operation and optimization.

Align with five buildings
Enterprise, Service Provider, Data Center, Security and Collaboration are the five Cisco structures. CCIE Enterprise is now divided into two divisions: CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure and CCIE Enterprise Wireless. CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure is a routing and switching, but together with a console-based architecture and software-sensitive networks and automation. CCIE Enterprise Wireless will include a similar approach to CCIE Wireless, but more in terms of automation and sophistication in the wireless sector. So automation will be an integral part of the entire curriculum.

The design department is now an integral part
If you want to specialize in network design at CCNP, you can choose one between design and wireless design, but CCIE has no choice but to learn planning skills in planning and publishing during network maintenance.

Influence on accredited CCIE candidates
This will not affect the candidates already approved because the certificate structure is always the same. Therefore, the CCIE certification will always have CCIE certification. But there will be a transition measure. For example, if you are a CCIE filter for routing and switching, Cisco will take you to be a CCIE Enterprise employee or if you are certified by CCIE wirelessly, you will become a CCIE Wireless Enterprise. Together with the two above, all other areas remain as they are.

Exam changes
CCIE is still an exam on two levels. The first level of the CCIE Technology Core exam will be at the Pearson VUE centers, while the second level will be an 8 hour laboratory test in which the candidate will have to visit the Cisco Lab site and be tested. The only thing that changes here is the examination process. Initially, if the candidate has received the CCIE Core Technology exam, he will not receive any certification or recognition, however, once the candidate has completed the CCIE Core Technology exam, he will receive a professional accreditation badge.

Secondly, if you have already passed the CCIE Technology Core exam, Cisco now offers the flexibility that will also be a well-known CCNP certification test. Therefore, the Core Technology exam works in two ways, which means it will take you halfway through the CCIE exam and the CCNP exam. So while you study CCIE, you can still take CCNP Concentration and post it on your social media profile and fill in the work you want.

Changes in the laboratory
Since the horrible CCIE Lab experiment may seem stressful, it is one of the most enjoyable tests and tests of your working abilities in stressful conditions. The structure of the exam is always the same. The only thing that changes is the delivery method.

There are currently three units in the exam, namely the diagnostic unit, the troubleshooting unit and the configuration unit. From February 2020 onwards, there will be only two modules, namely the Design Unit (3 hours) and the operational, operational and optimization module (5 hours). It will be a continuous process from now on. For example, if customer A comes to you to resolve the network and suggests his needs, you will carry out the activities in the same order as the two modules described above. If an error occurs in the first unit, this will not affect the second unit, but the plot and the customer's needs will remain the same.

Re-certification policy
Modification 1: recertification period

The recertification period is currently two years. If the certificate fails or expires, you will receive a public comment. But by February 2020 the certification period will be set for 3 years. There will have been no suspension.

For example,

Current date - June 2019
Deadline for two years - August 2019 (assumption of certificate of start date - August 2017)
Suppose the candidate does not recertify himself by the aforementioned date
Therefore, in September 2019, the certificate will be suspended from August 2019 to August 2020
But due to changes in the re-certification policy
Now, the certificate will expire in August 2020.
Candidates now have 3 years for recertification.

Change 2: recertification date

Let's take the same example above.

Expiration date based on new policies - August 2020
Candidates must re-certify before August 2020
If you take the exam in August and sign up again, it will be called "Anniversary Date"
Therefore, the next recovery period is August 2020 - August 2023
But now, the "anniversary date" is no longer valid.
The "Event Date" will now be considered
The date of the event is the date on which the activity is performed.
Take the same example from above
Validity date of the certificate - August 2020
Exam date: June 2020
Therefore the recertification period - June 2020 - June 2023

Old program withdrawn
Candidates who have a certificate for 20 years now have the opportunity to go on to an honorary life. There are no costs for himself.

Changes in the continuing education program
No administrative costs after February 2020
Old needs: 100 continuous credits
New requirements: 120 credit hours
CCIE hybrid model
Before the candidates appear for the exam or follow the model of continuing education, but now due to its flexibility there may be differences such as:

An exam and a training o
An exam and two courses or
Try one and one Cisco Live
All of the above is applicable until 120 credit hours are obtained.

Any changes


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