EIGRP Reliable Transport Protocol (RTP)

EIGRP does not send messages with UDP or TCP; instead, a Cisco protocol called Trusted Transport Protocol (RTP) is used to communicate between routers that speak EIGRP. As the name implies, reliability is an essential feature of this protocol and is designed to allow rapid delivery of updates and monitoring of data reception.

Five different packets types are used by EIGRP:

Update: Contains route information. When routing updates are sent in response to chassis or metric changes, reliable multicasts are used. If only one router needs to be updated, for example, when a new neighbor is detected, mono broadcasts are used.

Query: A specific routing request always uses the trusted multicast method. Routers send queries when they realize they have lost their way to a particular network and are looking for alternative routes.

Reply: Send a response to a query through the unicast method. Responses may include a specific route to the destination or declare that there is no known route.

Hello:I used to discover EIGRP's neighbors. It is sent through untrusted multicast and confirmation is not required.

ACK: Sent in response to update and always unicast. ACKs are not sent reliably.


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