LocalTalk is a specific application for the physical layer of Apple Computer's AppleTalk network system. LocalTalk assigns a system of shielded twisted pair cables, connected to future automatic cord transmitters, operating at 230.4 kbit / s. CSMA / CA was implemented as a multiple random access method.

Apple's previous LAN access method uses twisted pair cables at 230,400 bps. It runs under AppleTalk and uses a Daisy Chain topology that can connect up to 32 devices at a distance of 1,000 feet. Third-party products allowed you to connect to the bus, the passive star and the active star topology. Apple's Apple PC Card Card allows the computer to access the AppleTalk network.

LocalTalk consists of an integrated console, with cables and expansion cards that are sometimes required. You have enabled the chrysanthemum sequence, which connects a series of devices to each other using LocalTalk cables.

Farallon Computing introduced a cheaper localTalk difference called PhoneNet. Install PhoneNet on standard telephone cables and existing connectors with unprotected twisted cables. LocalTalk uses expensive twisted wire pairs. PhoneNet allowed users to divide their residential telephone connections into two parts, one going to the telephone jack and the other to an Apple or Macintosh computer.
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