What is CCNA? What is the process to get a CCNA certificate?

CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate)

CCNA is a well-recognized certification from Cisco a leading vendor in the field of network equipment. It is an Associate or a beginner-level certification. It is globally recognized and highly respected in the industry. CCNA is offered in many tracks from Cisco. Following are some of the most popular CCNA tracks that one can opt:

· CCNA Routing and Switching

· CCNA Cloud

· CCNA collaboration

· CCNA Data Center

· CCNA Security

· CCNA Service Provider

· CCNA Cyber ops


· CCNA Wireless

All these different tracks for CCNA certification offer a solid understanding of the concepts and technologies involved thus making an individual competitive enough for the real world. Most of the CCNA certifications have no prerequisites other than CCDA, CCNA Security, and CCNA Wireless. The prerequisite for these certifications is CCENT or CCNA R&S.

How to get the CCNA certification?

Getting a CCNA certification requires proper training and passing the required exam. Training can be done at any Cisco Learning Partner. Registration for the exam can be done directly at Cisco or with the help of a Cisco Learning Partner. Cisco learning partners are known for their unmatched quality training and providing quality learning resources along with certified instructors.

Exam preparation can be done through some online or classroom training programs, some self-study material, and mock exams. The topmost factor that is going to decide the outcome of your exam is how your training has been. Did the training cover key concepts in-depth and give you enough opportunity to do the hands-on labs. Understanding the exam format is very beneficial. The CCNA exam consists of around 75 questions. These can be a single choice, multiple-choice, drag and drops, and a couple of simulations.

Taking the CCNA exam requires knowledge and dedication, but the certification is worth the effort.

Passing grades may vary based on the exam you take. Typically, it is around 80%. Earning the CCNA Certification can prepare individuals to work as Computer Support specialists, Network administrators, or network consultants.

After you have passed your exam you are certified as a Cisco Certified Network Associate in the respective track. You can opt for a hard copy or soft copy of the certification you dreamed of. It is a personal choice but most people prefer the soft copy now a day because it’s easy to keep your certificate safe.

Not all candidates pass it in the first attempt. There is nothing to be sad about if you do not succeed in your first attempt. Cisco policy requires you to wait for 5 working days before you retake your exam. In that time an individual can assess his report card and work on those areas where he performed low.

The CCNA certification is valid for three years. Now in order to renew your certification, you have to pass an Associate or Professional level exam before the current certification expires. It ensures continued learning and makes sure that you are competitive enough in the ever-changing world of Information Technology.

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