Cheat sheets for CCNA

Cheat sheets (including cheat sheets) or bed sheets are a concise set of notes used for quick reference.

Cheat sheets are so called because they can be used by students without knowledge of the instructor cheating on the exam. However, in high-level education where memorization is not as important as in basic education, students may refer to their notes during the exam (not considered cheating). Preparing a bed sheet can be an educational exercise, and students can sometimes only use their own bed sheets.

Cheat sheets are often physical paper filled with equations and / or facts from compressed text. Students print the cheat sheet in very small prints and adjust the entire page of notes with the palm of the exam.

Bed sheets are a perfect solution for examinations or worksheets that are usually delivered to college staff to facilitate marking.

1.7 Layer of OSI Model : Click Here To Download

2.EIGRP :Click Here To Download

3.IPv4 Subnetting :Click Here To Download

4.IPv6 :Click Here To Download

7.QOS :

8.RIP :


10.VLANs :

11.Port Number Cheatsheet:Click Here To Download

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