Network Address Translation (NAT) CheatSheet Free !!

Network Address Translation (NAT), you can redirect one IP address space to another by changing the network address information in the IP header of packets during transmission via a traffic redirection device. [1] Originally, this technique was used as an abbreviation to avoid reading any host when a network was moved. It has become a popular and important tool to protect the global address space from the fatigue of IPv4 addresses. An IP gateway IP address for a NAT gateway can be used for a completely private network.

In IP masking, an entire IP address space, usually consisting of private IP addresses, is masked behind a single IP address in another, typically public, address space. The address to be masked is replaced by a single (public) IP address as the "new" source address of the outgoing IP packet. It comes not from masked values, but from the router itself. Due to the popularity of this technology for maintaining the IPv4 address space, the term NAT is almost synonymous with hidden IP.

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