EIGRP Configuration

EIGRP configuration

Eigrp configration is very simple to Do you just need some steps to Learn to do Eigrp configration as Given Below:

To enable eigrp on router we need to do two simple steps:

1-Enable Eigrp by command:Router eigrp ASN_Number(Number you want).

Ex:Router Eigrp 10.

2-Advertise the Network you want with or without WildMask as You want.

Ex:Network Wildcard Mask).

To Illustrate Eigrp Configration i will take Practical in Cisco Packet Tracer.

Their are two Scenario of Eigrp Configration:

1-With Wildcard Mask Given

2-Without Wildldcard Mask Given

Eigrp Configration with WildCard Mask

 Enabling Eigrp on Router 1:

 Enabling Eigrp on Router 2:

Verify Neighbourship using This Command:

That's It Eigrp Configration is Done Now Check Whether Routes are Exchanged or Not as Shown Below:

Router 1

Router 2

Eigrp Configration without WildCard Mask

By Default,he network command uses a classful network as the parameter. All interfaces inside that classful network will participate in the EIGRP process.To enable EIGRP only on specific interfaces, a wildcard mask can be used. 

Verify The Only Network of 10.0.0.X is included in Eigrp :

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