Configure Cisco device as DNS client

DNS is a program storage protocol used to resolve hostnames into IP addresses. If your network has a DNS server, you can configure your Cisco device to use it for resolution. Here are the steps:

(Optional) If you previously disabled DNS lookup on your device, enable it again with the ip domain-lookup command.

Enter the IP address of the IP server with the ip name server command. Up to six DNS servers can be specified.

(Optional) Enter the domain name to add to the host name that you type with the ip domain name command.

Here is an example configuration:

Floor1 (config) #ip nameserver

In the above production, you can see that I have entered the IP address of my DNS server ( For example, suppose the DNS server contains a record for a server named fileshare. I can try pinging the host with the host name to see if the name resolution process really works:

Floor1 # Ping file sharing
"Fileshare" is translated ... Domain Server (
Write the escape sequence to cancel.
Sending 5 100-byte ICMP echoes to, timeout 2 seconds:
, !!!!

The success rate is 80 percent (4/5), round trip min / avg / max = 0/0/1 ms
As you can see in the above production, the host file share has been translated to the IP address
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