Campus Area Network (CAN)

The Campus Area Network (CAN) is a network of several LAN's interconnected in a limited geographical area. CAN is smaller than a Wide Area Network (WAN) or urban network (MAN). CAN is also known as the Company Area Network (CAN).

Campus network, campus area network or corporate network, or CAN is a computer network that is connected to local networks within a limited geographical area.

Routers and switches for data centres. "Campus" is the place where users connect to the network, along with all the devices used by such employees (such as desktops, laptops, IP phones, cell phones, video conferences, printers, etc.).

University and university networks connect administrative buildings, dormitories, academic halls, libraries, student centres, sports facilities and other buildings associated with the institution in a particular city or neighbourhood. The campus networks connect the buildings with the main departments and staff. The corporate campus network is the user side of the larger corporate network within a limited geographical area.

Most CANs consist of multiple LAN's connected between adaptors and routers that come together to create a single network. It works as a LAN, where users with network access (wired or wireless) can communicate directly with other systems within the network


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