Local Area Network (LAN)

In this article we will discuss the local network, we will have a brief discussion on the local network.

A computer network that connects devices within a building or a group of adjacent buildings, particularly with a radius of less than one kilometre.

A LAN is a computer network that connects computers within a limited area such as residence, school, laboratory, campus or office building. In contrast, a large network covers not only a wider geographical distance, but generally includes leased circuits.

The LAN can function as few or two users (for example in a small office network) or several hundred users in a larger office. LAN's protect cables, adaptors, routers, and other components that allow users to connect to internal servers, websites, and other local networks on large networks.

Local area networks (LAN's) are computer networks ranging from the size of a few computers in an office to hundreds or even thousands of devices distributed in many buildings. It connects computers together and provides shared access to printers, file servers and other services.
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